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Designing and producing specific hardware for projects is one of the most important parts of developing IoT-based solutions that require special expertise and skills. Relying on their technical knowledge, the experts of HNIoT Company have the ability to design all the hardware required to implement IoT projects and intelligent systems at different executive levels in a customized manner and in accordance with the specific needs of the project.

Hardware design from smart devices and nodes in this company is done by using the most specialized software and standard methods.

Due to the use of modular design; the company’s engineers have ability to quickly develop and upgrade manufactured hardware to achieve the best results.

HNIoT’s services in the field of intelligent and IoT-based hardware design:

  • Designing low power consumption devices
  • IoT device re-engineering
  • Identify the hardware needs of different projects
  • Device circuit design and component selection
  • Design schematic and PCB
  • Assembly and prototypes
  • Testing and validation
  • Firmware development

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Hardware Design

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