IoT based home security solution is the other system which is provided by HNIoT Co. It is based on sensors and communication networks and its main goal is to maximize home security and energy efficiency. The main superiority of this system in comparison to all similar foreign systems are the least dependence on sanctions, competitive prices, and the ability to interact with internal servers.

The solution architecture includes:

  • Smart sensors (light sensor, smoke detection, motion detection, door and window sensor)
  • Communication network
  • Directly from sim card to server
  • Communication with gateway and send data to server
  • Diagnostic systems such as artificial intelligence, expert and decision systems
  • Web and mobile applications

System’s feature including:

  • Very easy configuration
  • Ability to add various equipment by the user
  • Low power and 24 hours supporting after power outage
  • Remote software update
  • User friendly interface
  • Wireless communication via more than 100m board
  • Protect home and building safety
  • Protect user privacy

Smart Home Security System benefits:

  • Maximize home security
  • Home remote control in any time and any where
  • Save money
  • Energy management
  • Easy maintenance and protection

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