Smart public security



Public safety organizations such as law enforcement, firefighters, medical emergencies and emergencies have always used the latest technologies to manage and control emergencies. The advent of the Internet of Things in the field of public safety has caused a huge change. This development has caused each of the safety organizations to have an optimal and efficient view of different situations while they are exposed. Following the expansion of the use of intelligent IoT solutions and the advent of artificial intelligence, public security has improved.

IoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, has provided the possibility of optimal control and management of the public safety situation by providing intelligent solutions based on IoT. By providing IoT-based surveillance solutions, the company has enabled security organizations to help improve public safety and provide their services more efficiently.

Among the solutions of this company in the field of public safety are:

  • Monitor and collect real-time data from sensors, cameras and other devices connected to an interactive and accurate infrastructure
  • Provide alerts and instructions by IoT-connected devices to simplify evacuation and navigation while reducing the risk of emergencies
  • Access by police, fire and emergency medical personnel to essential and sensitive data to expedite response times and save lives

Benefits of IoT solutions in the field of energy management:

  • Optimal management and planning in critical situations
  • Optimal congestion management and traffic congestion
  • Reduction of accidents and injuries due to lack of timely performance of safety organizations
  • Use of collected data in line with macro-planning in cities
  • Increasing the level of service quality by safety organizations

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