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  • IoT System Design
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  • Security and encryption


Smart Cold Chain Management System

Smart Cold Chain Management System based on IoT has favorable effects in cold chain logistics, which will result by accurate monitoring on the real-time data. Our goal is to design a Cold Chain Management System based on the Internet of Things in order to provide a comprehensive system for solving the challenge of cold chain businesses to track vehicles and control the parameters which are affecting perishable products.

Our smart solution helps those customers who need to manage their fleet precisely. read more...

Home Security

Smart Home Security System

IoT based home security solution is the other system which is provided by HNIoT Co. It is based on sensors and communication networks and its main goal is to maximize home security and energy efficiency.

The main superiority of this system in comparison to all similar foreign systems are the least dependence on sanctions, competitive prices, and the ability to interact with internal servers. read more...


Smart Warehousing Management System

 In order to enbaling smart logestics and supply chain, HNIoT Co. experts have designed Internet of things (IoT)-based warehouse management systems with an advanced data analytical approach.

It helps business by fasilating their supply chain and warhousing process.  read more...


Smart Predictive Maintenance

HNIoT smart maintenance solutions provide new opportunities for predictive maintenance for businesses and industries. Our smart maintenance system uses the data collected to analyze the machines’ behavior and to predict and prevent failures.

It enables manufacturers to closely monitor machines with sensors and actuators in real time and helps to improve predictive maintenance. read more...


Smart Energy Managment

HNIoT Experts has designed a Smart Energy Management System based on IoT for energy management in enterprises buildings.
In this system we provide smart management solution and help our customers recognize energy losses and existing problems in business or commercial buildings. Our sensor based solution enables real-time monitoring of key performance indicators in organization and businesses. read more...

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