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IoT Applications

HNIoT software developers have a full potential to design IoT software and adding intelligence to every stage. We provide technical & architectural tools to enable insights for business and managers and make a Clear view for them. Our software department offer their services to customers as:

  • Simulating IoT Software

Prototyping web and mobile applications

  • Designing IoT Web Applications

Make business tools, accounts, submit and access data for users

  • Designing IoT Mobile Applications

Develops apps for mobile phones and tablets—Apple/iOS, Android

  • UX and UI Design

Interaction models and front-end elements

For all IoT solutions we are able to design and support variety of software with following features:

  • Great user experience
  • Integration Support
  • Information Security
  • Simplification data display and facilitate understanding
  • Reduce complexity of IoT data
  • Modular designs
  • Customization based on customer requirements
  • APIs integration with ERP systems
  • Presenting reports in general formats and based on categories
  • Setting up and training course for software
  • Designing software in multiple languages

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  • info[at]
  • Tehran,Iran


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