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Smart Cold Chain Management System

Smart Cold Chain Management System based on IoT has favorable effects in cold chain logistics, which will result by accurate monitoring on the real-time data. Our goal is to design a Cold Chain Management System based on the Internet of Things in order to provide a comprehensive system for solving the challenge of cold chain businesses to track vehicles and control the parameters which are affecting perishable products.


Our smart solution which is a combination of IoT and tracking technologies, helps those customers who need to manage their fleet precisely.

Practical purposes:

  • Real time Fleet monitoring and refrigerator maintenance.
  • Real time location.
  • Monitoring the temperature, humidity, light, or any required item which need to control.
  • Detecting and eliminating cold chain difficulties
  • tracking orders by customers in real time
  • Real time performance Report
  • Delivering products in the shortest time


  • Increasing cargo security and productivity
  • Continuous perishable material monitoring
  • Reduce fuel costs and extend the life of vehicle refrigerator
  • Improving customer services and preventing theft and loss

System innovation:

  • Integrated GPS software and hardware
  • Geographical location determining
  • Sensor integration
  • Multilingual support with multiple maps

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