About Us

HNIoT Co. is a leading IoT solutions provider in Iran and it focuses on the implications of the Internet of Things components such as hardware, network connectivity, software solutions and system integration for enterprises from installation to deployment and customer care. We are presenting our state-of-the-art the Internet of Things and smart solutions in order to help business and we are committed to maximizing business value by the latest technologies in the world.

HNIoT with use of specialized departments and technical teams offers its solutions to organizations and industrial companies in the following levels:

  • Design and implementation IoT systems from hardware to software.
  • Integrating smart projects implemented under IoT-enabled umbrella.
  • Advice on promoting IoT in companies and enterprises.

Our main object is increasing our customer’s productivity and services & develop better technical solutions to manage their business with greater responsibility.

HNIoT has built a highly functional and expert teams of qualified hardware and programming engineers, technical analysts, database architects, quality analysts and support team which can offer:

  • Facilitates daily business operations of different sectors from product management, inquiry handling, product inspection, order processing to accounting and business data analysis
  • Providing precise structural components
  • IoT integration platform
  • Providing an intricate and comprehensive perspective to be evaluated and reviewed