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Hardware features

  • Monitoring the temperature and humidity inside the cargo cabin
  • Monitoring the cargo cabin door open and closed
  • Instantaneous location monitoring of the vehicle
  • Use GSM / GPRS network for data transmission
  • Using the car electrical system to supply energy
  • Has a battery with the ability to hold a charge for 17 hours

Software features

  • Display the average temperature and humidity inside the cargo cabin of all vehicles
  • Display the number of active and inactive vehicles instantly
  • Ability to search for active drivers and vehicles instantly
  • Ability to view all information specifically for each vehicle
  • Display the temperature status and open and close the door for each car
  • Warning notice in case of change in temperature and humidity of the cargo cabin
  • Ability to define the allowable temperature and humidity threshold for each product
  • Ability to define the origin and destination of the vehicle and detect unauthorized stops
  • Send a warning when the car stops in Khazaj from the defined range

Advantages of TranzApp  system

1.Operational benefits:

  • Reporting on the status of delivery of goods
  • Reporting the density of distribution of goods in different regions
  • Control information throughout the fleet to expedite decisions

2. Security benefits:

  • Information on the location of authorized and unauthorized drivers' stops
  • Reduce the possibility of theft of goods and the occurrence of mistakes and violations
  • Avoid exchanging products during shipment

3. Quantitative and qualitative efficiency:

  • Prevent spoilage and loss of sensitive goods
  • Reducing the damage caused by the negligence of drivers

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