Smart Oil and Gas



The oil and gas industry is one of the most influential industries in macroeconomic sectors. So, while making this field smarter, following the benefit of IoT technology, its productivity can be doubled and caused a significant change in its economic aspects. Oil and gas companies have always wanted to improve their forecasts for exploration and increase production efficiency. But nowadays their focus is more on promoting optimization and preventative maintenance. Following the deployment of IoT smart devices in this industry, effective supply chain optimization and tracking have been brought, which means Return On Investment (ROI) and high economic efficiency for managers in these industries.

HNIoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, helps oil and gas companies to use their opportunities to optimize their products and equipment by providing iot smart solutions. our real-time monitoring solutions help managers to monitor and control the workflow by analyzing the big data collected by various sensors. As a result, Managers can predict the market and have a better view of their devices and supply chain so they will make strategic and faster decisions that will keep their business competitive value in this gainful industry.


  • Instant monitoring of the tank and pipelines health and leakage
  • Monitoring the performance of equipment by installing sensors and performing preventive repairs
  • Using of IoT drones to monitor oil and gas rigs and sites remotely
  • Real-time shipping tracking
  • Monitoring the temperature, humidity, and exhaust gases inside the refineries and warehouses
  • Equipment and asset inventory management
  • Worker’s performance, health, and safety monitoring
  • Warehouse process management


  • Improved management through remote monitoring
  • improved asset maintenance
  • Improving worker’s satisfaction and productivity by monitoring their safety and health
  • Effective cost management and increased Return On Investment (ROI) by monitoring supply chain processes

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