Smart Energy Management



The energy sector is a very key sector because it supports important activities without which the wheel of industry and human daily life will stop. The Internet of Things in the field of energy has caused a significant change by entering the field of production, energy consumption management and how it works. While optimizing energy consumption, it is possible to save a lot of costs and, of course, from an environmental point of view, help a lot in conserving non-renewable energy sources.

IoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, has provided the possibility of managing energy consumption by providing intelligent solutions based on IoT in an optimal way. By providing solutions in the field of intelligent measurement, real-time energy consumption monitoring and forecasting based on the collected data, the company helps industry managers and people involved in the supply chain to better control waste and investment, as well as waste and waste factors. Delete.

Among the solutions of this company in the field of energy consumption control are:

  • Intelligent lighting control and management
  • Intelligent control and management of temperature and ventilation systems
  • Remote control of power consumption of industrial devices and machines
  • Benefit from IoT-based solar and connected wind renewable energy systems (solar panels and wind turbines)
  • Energy management pursues its intelligent storage with the possibility of controlled energy backup

Benefits of IoT solutions in the field of energy management:

  • Effective economic management and planning
  • Significant environmental impacts and integration of green energy
  • Identify points of energy loss and prevent themIncrease equipment life
  • Optimization of maintenance of devices and equipment
  • Reduce operating costs in industry
  • Increase safety in workshop and operational environments
  • Elimination of sudden outages due to energy depletion

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