Connected Ports



Ports and maritime trade are one of the key infrastructure areas that can significantly benefit from IoT-based automation and related new technologies. By using the Internet of Things to improve their performance, smart ports have been able to improve the efficiency of relationships between thousands of people, computers and industrial machinery. Today, with the changing demands of global trade, the need to evolve and become “smart” has become very important as ships have grown, goods have to move faster, and geopolitical issues have created new challenges for ports around the world.
HNIoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, has provided the possibility of monitoring and facilitating port management by providing smart solutions based on IoT. These solutions help managers and supervisors better understand how to improve performance across port operations, while maintaining strict safety standards.


•Instant monitoring of port operations and ship discharge plan remotely
•Track the ship’s movement and provide accurate timing for their mooring
•Monitoring the environmental conditions inside the cabin or container (temperature, humidity and dense gases)
•Instant monitoring of weather, geographic data and water depth with high accuracy
•Intelligent lighting control and management
•Energy consumption management
•Instant monitoring of traffic situation and workers’ health


• Asset management through instant monitoring
• Cost management through control and manage energy consumption
• Accelerate and facilitate management decisions following the reporting and instant monitoring of berths, navies, sailors and goods
• Increase the safety of the environment and workers
• Management of incoming ships for discharging and exiting ships from the port
• Save time through reduce waiting times for ships berth

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