Connected Industry



Smart factories, smarter products

Producing high-quality products and services in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost is one of the more important goals of industrial and production units, and industrialists and manufacturers seek to improve their products and services by increasing their customer satisfaction. With the advent of IoT technology, especially industrial IoT (IIoT), many opportunities have been created for companies to increase their productivity by collecting data from sensors and analyzing them. As a result by providing more efficient services, increasing productivity, reducing process downtime, and reducing production costs; business will change and that’s exactly what employers and industry executives want.

HNIoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, by providing smart remote monitoring solutions enables businesses to predict their performance as well as the market using Big Data analysis. These solutions help business managers have a better view of the performance of all key metrics and devices, of course, their remote-tracking instantly, in addition to maintaining their competitive advantage can improve added value in their business.


  • Monitoring performance of devices by installing sensors and performing preventive repairs
  • Monitoring the performance of production line employees
  • Smart tracking of operations and processes
  • Tracking devices as well as employees
  • Smartening equipment and processes and reducing the need for manpower presence in hazardous environments
  • Integrated data storage platforms designing for trends and products predicting
  • Management of energy consumption through intelligent consumption systems
  • Monitoring of factories and warehouse’s environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, hazardous gases, etc.)

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