Smart environment



Following the growth of population and urbanization around the world, environmental issues have become a major concern for environmental organizations and activists and have attracted a great deal of attention. Effective use of intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things to maintain and effectively use this rich God-given resource is on the agenda of many organizations. IoT technology has entered the field while providing a network of intelligent connections and sensors, and seeks to help create a greener world and increase the human contribution to the effective use of the environment while reducing its destructive effects. . One of the largest IoT services in this area is effective environmental monitoring in an effort to maintain and keep it clean.

IoT is one of the most active companies in this field by providing intelligent solutions based on IoT, the possibility of monitoring and controlling environmental signs, following the use of advanced smart devices to detect the presence of pollutants in air and water and help improve sustainability. Has provided their health. By using the company’s smart solutions for effective monitoring and control, a healthy, safe and sustainable environment can be achieved.

Among the solutions of this company in the field of environment are:

  • Water quality monitoring following monitoring of pH, oxygen and other unsafe pollutants for drinking
  • Air quality monitoring by monitoring hazardous particulate matter, emissions such as carbon dioxide and existing industrial pollutants
  • Monitoring energy consumption patterns
  • Automatic and immediate detection of toxic gases in industrial spaces

Benefits of the company’s IoT solutions in the field of environment:

  • Provide reliable standards for promoting human health
  • Quick decision in case of any dangerous environmental problem
  • Consumption management and cost savings
  • Improve the conservation of environmental resources
  • Sustainability of green life

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