Smart Healthcare



The digital transformation of healthcare

Today, the Internet of Things (IoMT) is considered to be the digital evolution of the medical industry, and now person-centered data such as each person’s medical history, drug allergies, test results, and more can be digitized like any other data. And be considered as part of e-health initiatives.

Benefits of using IoT solutions in medical care:

  • Improve patient health through momentary monitoring of vital signs
  • Creating a sense of security and peace for patients, nurses and families
  • Reduce treatment costs by predicting health status
  • Increase the speed of responding to emergencies
  • Reduction of injuries due to not knowing the status of patients at the moment

IoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, makes it possible to monitor the safety of patients by creating integration between health measuring devices and other sensors with analytical software, in addition to providing instant access to physicians and caregivers to patients’ health status. Provide patients, the disabled, and the elderly so that families or nurses can be informed of their whereabouts immediately and be alerted promptly if they fall or fall.

Among the company’s solutions regarding health care:

  • Making health gadgets
  • Ability to virtually monitor a myriad of health measuring devices
  • Automatic analysis of data flow
  • Remote monitoring of health statistics
  • Hospital equipment management
  • Operating remote medical devices and controlling their operation
  • Preventive equipment repairs

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