Smart Warehouse Management



Utilizing domestic technologies as well as the technologies of its partners abroad, HNIoT has designed an smart warehousing management system based on IoT technology and momentary cloud-based information monitoring date base to add high value in warehousing and maintaining goods quality. The features provided in our system that are intended to help warehouse managers as well as owners of manufacturing are:

Smart entry and exit good registration solution:

  • Accurate recording of the number of incoming and outgoing goods along with their time in management software
  • Accelerating the goods entry and exit processes and eliminating record statistics on paper
  • Eliminating human errors in goods registration and reducing the need for manpower for that
  • Preventing unauthorized departure and theft of goods during entry and exit processes
  • Updating the current inventory in the smart software after entry and exit processes
  • Instant monitoring of data on goods entry and exit processes through management software


Optimization and management of warehouse space by arrangement and location of goods:

  • Preventing empty shelves in different parts of the warehouse
  • Reducing staff and freight traffic to find empty shelves, especially in large warehouses
  • Avoiding confusion to find a product
  • Saving forklift fuel consumption and reducing depreciation
  • Reducing orders preparation errors through smart tracking of goods


smart inventory control:

  • Ability to provide real time comprehensive report on the inventory of goods and their specifications
  • Providing reports in the shared cloud platform to integrate inventory across multiple warehouses
  • Warning if the inventory of any product is less than the allowable limit
  • Prioritizing departure of goods based on the date of entry and expiration
  • Accelerating retrieval and data accessing
  • Accelerating warehousing operations
  • Increasing inventory counting accuracy and warehousing and preventing recounts
  • invoices and remittances exporting electronically and eliminating paper processes
  • Increasing the level of warehouse security


smart warehouse environmental management:

  • Preventing quality reduction, spoilage, loss of sensitive goods and financial losses due to changing environment
  • Increasing the level of customer satisfaction

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