Smart Agriculture



Following the growth of population around the world, the need for food has become a very serious problem. Given this need, the agricultural industry has great potential for the adoption of intelligent technologies such as IoT. The advent of IoT in this field has caused a huge change. Because environmental and machine data collected by IoT sensors can give farmers better views of their assets and help them make strategic and faster decisions to increase productivity and improve all aspects of their major from agriculture to livestock.

HNIoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, by providing IoT smart solutions, helps to monitor and manage all aspects of work from soil and crops to determine the amount, type of pesticide and fertilizer. Following the use of these smart facilities, farmers will be able to identify and eliminate waste and loss factors while managing resources and costs, which is an important factor in increasing the Return On Investment (ROI).


  • Air temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Soil temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Track device location
  • Monitoring of greenhouse conditions (brightness and amount of light, air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity)
  • Monitoring various aspects of agriculture using IoT drones
  • Using of solar panels to provide power for devices


  • Better control over internal processes and reduction of production risk
  • Cost management and waste reduction
  • Increase productivity by automation
  • Improve the quality and productivity of crops
  • Reduce crop losses and human errors
  • Improve efficiency and make accurate decisions
  • Preventive analysis and increase effective forecasts
  • Ability to integrate with irrigation systems


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