Transportation, movement of goods and passengers has been one of the most important scopes and has been considered in general planning. Also, this field is one of the key sectors for industries and its control is more important for the industry managers.

By making transportation smarter, following the benefits of IoT solutions, can improve efficiency and make a significant change in it. Due to the operational and sensitive nature of transport fleets, they always face many technical and operational challenges. One of the main reasons for these challenges is the unavailability of current fleet status data to managers. Following the use of IoT technology in this field, managers can make serious and faster decisions for their fleets.

HNIoT, as one of the most active companies in this field, has made it possible to integrate transportation systems including networks, fleets, people, and goods. By providing IoT-based monitoring solutions, business managers can make more efficient decisions through analyze the real-time data on fleet performance, drivers, and goods as well as tracking them so they can keep their competitive position and added value in their market.


  • Fleet location online monitoring
  • Instant monitoring of fleet technical health
  • Instant monitoring of drivers, analyzing their behavior and performance
  • Monitoring the temperature, humidity, and dense gases inside the cabin of the fleet
  • Instant monitoring of motions, route, and stops
  • Monitoring the fleet cabin door open and closed
  • Monitoring the inside of the cabin when it’s moving and stopping
  • Automatic analysis of the data stream sent by smart devices
  • Fuel Level &Consumption Monitoring


  • Asset management through instant monitoring
  • Save and manage costs
  • Accelerate and facilitate management decisions following the reporting and instant monitoring of fleet, driver, and goods
  • Ensure delivery of goods
  • Real-time analysis and monitoring of fleets and goods
  • Reduce human mistakes and violations

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