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IoT Gateways

To facilitate devices and dashboards connection, we offer our gateways with a wide range of connectivity options and our gateways can be used as data logging, repeater or manager node. They have capabilities to configure with a variety of systems and HNIoT engineers are able to produce all types of IoT gateways with these wireless communication:

iot gateway


These gateways with below features can connect to devices and platforms to transition data:

  • Low power consumption for connection
  • Highly programmable to build custom IoT applications
  • Processor based with digital and analog I/O
  • Integrated with RF solution and antennas
  • Date encryption capability
  • Simple integration APIs
  • Data processing close to the devices
  • Computing & Storage system
  • Modular approach and dynamic framework
  • Remote management
  • Support Long range nodes

Also, for industrial and complex applications we are able to combine multiple communication technology and produce customize gateways for customers.

 HNIoT Gateways Application:

  • Security systems and alarms
  • Industrial process and control
  • Smart city and infrastructure
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Smart meterin

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