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IoT Platforms

For maximizing the influence of IoT solutions, HNIoT experts design secure, reliable, and cloud-based IoT platform. With our platforms you can connect your devices and gain insights from the collected data to make better business decisions.

Our Group offers platform solutions and services with focus on industries, city, home, agriculture, energy, logistics and more use cases needs based on below architecture:

iot platform


Common feature of our platforms:

  • Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets and devices
  • Ability to communicate directly and indirectly – Device to platform & Gateway to platform
  • Real-time data streams analysis
  • Advanced data management
  • Support and troubleshooting upgrade problems
  • High integration with modular architecture
  • Extensions and service integrations
  • Easy device registration
  • Interoperability and secure channel

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  • Tehran,Iran


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